Spa Manicures

All  natural  nail  care  is  performed  with  the  most  luxurious products.

Treat your hands to a spa manicure including: nail shaping, cuticle trimming, and a hand massage, followed by your nail polish of choice.
30 mins..........$50

Lacto-Flora Lightening Hand Treatment
This service begins with a spa manicure. Pevonia’s Lacto-Flora Acid Peel is then applied to your hands to smooth lines and lighten hyperpigmentation. This treatment is recommended once per week for 6 weeks and once a month thereafter.
45 mins..........$80

Regenerating Hand Treatment
This manicure promotes youthful looking hands paired with a spa manicure. A vitamin-enriched ampoule is applied to the skin for enhanced results followed by a creamy, hydrating mask. Dry, chapped hands are rendered smoother, softer, and wonderfully rehydrated.
45 mins..........$80

Aroma-Vitalizing Renewing Hand Treatment
Don’t let your hands reveal the true imprint of time. Experience the redefined traditional manicure while pleasing your senses. A luscious aroma-therapeutic exfoliant with sea salt and natural healing extracts is applied to gently yet thoroughly strip away telltale signs of roughness and aged, dull-looking skin. Laden with anti-aging and restoring ingredients, your hands resurface visibly brighter, silkysoft, and unbelievably hydrated. Select your choice of BodyRenew™ scents for a personalized experience!
30 mins..........$35

Hydrated Hands
Revive dry hands with this deeply moisturizing treatment. Dead skin cells are whisked away to welcome a replenishing, orange infused vitamin C and E massage oil.
30 mins..........$30

Vitamin Hand Treatment
This regenerating hand treatment beautifies and moisturizes in a flash. Hands are gently exfoliated, followed by a vitamin A and E ampoule to nourish and repair dry hands and cuticles, finishing with a light veil of deeply hydrating and anti-aging marine collagen cream
30 mins..........$45

Bright Hand Peel
Hands often reveal the first signs of aging. Peel away years of damage with Pevonia’s Lacto-Flora Acid Peel, rendering lines softer and pigmentation diminished.
30 mins..........$45

Age Reverse Hand Treatment
Don't let your hands reveal your age! Relax and rejuvenate as an aromatic scrub removes impurities and dead skin cells. Be entranced as the ultimate in anti-aging elixirs is delicately massaged in. Concludes with a nourishing moisturizer to help make dry and wrinkled hands a thing of the past.
30 mins..........$45

Luxury Spa Pedicure

European Touch is personally operated by the owner Jana.

European Touch has very high standard for cleanliness.
All pedicures are performed in our Luxurious whirlpool & spa Pedi chairs.
After each use Pedi chairs and tools are clean and sanitized in hospital grade sanitizer. .
All files are disposed.

Spa Pedicure
Your feet are immersed in an aromatic whirlpool bath filled with eucalyptus, French sea salt and pine essential oil. Your cuticles are then trimmed and your nails are filed. Next, your skin is massaged with a moisturizing, repairing blend as your pedicure concludes with your favorite polish.
60 mins ..........$65.00

Foot Contouring Treatment
This relaxing treatment begins with a spa pedicure and offers a deep tissue foot massage to relieve heaviness, fatigue, swelling, and fluid retention. As a final touch, a tension relief gel is applied. Excellent for those on their feet all day.
60 mins ..........$95

Sumptuous Silky Feet Treatment
Feet are the support of the entire body…They deserve respect and attention to keep you going! Rejoice in an experience that will have you walking on clouds. This sensory journey begins with a pedicure and includes a luscious aroma-therapeutic exfoliant drenched with sea salt and natural, healing extracts. Laden with anti-aging and restoring ingredients, your feet resurface velvety-smooth, hydrated, and free from tension and tiredness…ready for you to step out confidently! Select your choice of BodyRenew™ scents for a personalized experience!
30 mins w/pedicure ..........$50
60 mins w/o pedicure..........$85

Step Lightly
A deeply hydrating foot treatment starting with a delightful and relaxing foot soak, followed with exfoliation and massage. Warming eucalyptus and camphor are used to reduce inflammation, boost circulation and relieve tension. Complete with a reviving mask and a smoothing, moisturizing foot cream, it’s just what you need to allow you to soar.
25 mins ..........$45
Dare to Bare
Reveal enviable feet. This treatment includes a relaxing foot bath, foot softening scrub, relaxing massage. Concludes with a reviving treatment mask and smoothing foot cream to smooth callouses and deeply hydrate.
45 mins ..........$45


Winter Warm-up
Warm up those cold winter toes! This deeply hydrating foot treatment starts with a warm sea salt soak, followed by a gentle scrub to slough off dry winter skin. A massage with warming eucalyptus and camphor will deliver relaxation and deep moisture. Followed by a smoothing foot cream to deeply moisturize and smooth feet.
45 mins ..........$50

Summer Sandal Ready
Prepare for sandal season in between pedicures with this deeply hydrating and callous banishing foot treatment. A nourishing massage and rejuvenating foot mask will have your feet feeling cool, smooth and fresh.
45 mins ..........$50