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What is Hydrodermabrasion?

Tired, aging skin looks this way because the outer layer of skin contains mostly dead skin cells. Hydrodermabrasion exfoliatiates the first layer of skin – the stratum corneum, to reveal healthy, vibrant skin cells beneath. After a single hydrodermabrasion session, clients notice fewer wrinkles and fine lines, smaller pores, and more supple, beautiful skin.
Additional hydrodermabrasion sessions continue to strip away layers of dead and dying skin cells. The body naturally replaces these cells with healthy, youthful looking skin cells. Skin grows firmer, and looks smoother.

The process of Hydrodermabrasion is simultaneous. Hydrodermabrasion can be performed as an individual treatment or accompanied. Multiple and precise benefits will be obtained by the 3-in-1 triple action wand:

  • Exfoliation with diamond surface
  • Gentle peel with hydro serum
  • Vacuum extraction and lymph stimulation
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HydroLuxx Facial

The HydroLuxx Facial is a unique non-invasive treatment that combines deep skin cleansing, gentle exfoliation and oxygen rejuvenation. The HydroLuxx Oxygen Facial is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment that uses a unique hydro wand to deliver treatment serum and exfoliate dead skin cells simultaneously. It also has special tips to extract the blackheads in the T-zone. The final step of a HydroLuxx Facial is Oxygen Infusion. It feels almost like a light breeze, which delivers a very soothing and refreshing treatment. At the end of facial your skin becomes brighter and acquires a healthy glow.


  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalize aging, thickening skin
  • Repair sun-damaged skin
  • Encourage softer, more supple skin
  • Reduce the appearance of scar tissue
  • Refine pores

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