Contact thermography is based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates that have the property of changing color according to temperature variations.

By placing these plates on the body, it is possible to detect the skin temperature (which reflects what happens in the underlying tissues) and therefore highlight, through color pictures, the presence or absence of the typical signs of cellulite and the type of adiposity on various parts of the body.

The first applications of contact thermography date back to the 1970s in the medical field (mass screening of breast diseases, other investigative actions in areas such as rheumatology, angiology, sports medicine and many others). More recently this method has been adopted in the professional aesthetic field for the early detection and classification of the thermal aspects of cellulite and the type of adiposity.
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Free 20-Minute Studio Consultation

We’ll provide you with a free consultation on how our Pagani Cryo T-Shock System can help you reach your beauty goals. For body treatments, we will assess your body fat using our Adicell thermographic system to help locate the abdominal adiposity to direct specific treatment protocols to maximize our treatment.

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What is Adicell Thermo Analysis?

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The cellulite and abdominal fat analysis using the Adicell Thermographic Plates take the guesswork out of identifying and measuring  the success of Cryo T-Shock treatment protocols. For the first time, a means of objectively targeting treatment and quantifying results. abdominal fat and cellulite treatment protocols.

The Adicell Thermographic Plates:
  • Identify and classify the levels of cellulite and intervene with preventative protocols.
  • Locate and identify abdominal fat and prescribe a treatment program.
  • Stores client date and thermographic images to a tablet to quantify fat and cellulite loss.
Previous treatment images are compared side-by-side with the post-treatment plates, documenting the actual fat or cellulite loss and helping determine future treatment options.

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