For Men only

Gentlemen’s Facial
This treatment specifically targets clogged pores, sensitivity, and razor burn while promoting total relaxation. Includes deep cleansing, steaming, and extraction. As a final step, a treatment mask is applied to refine the pores, soothe and condition the skin.
60 mins..........$110

Gentleman’s Classic
This steam towel face treatment includes a skin re-texturizing active papaya peel followed by a customized skin recovering ampoule, and concludes with a de-stressing aloe gel mask.
60 mins..........$110

SkinFit Myoxy-Caviar® Mask - For Him
Counteract men’s aging process with a clinically effective, advanced skin treatment. Rejuvenating caviar, vitamins, enzymes, and freezedried Escutox® replenish skin while combating aging aggressors. Visibly resurfacing, this masculine treatment promotes healthy youthful skin vitality. Soft lift-off mask.
60 mins..........$150

Face and Beard Conditioning Treatment
Rock that beard! Using warm towels, this face treatment includes cleansing, massage, and shaping and conditioning of your beard leaving you irrefutably, ruggedly handsome.
35 mins..........$65

Peak Performance
Using ancient Amma and Shiatsu healing massage techniques, this face treatment opens the pathway to a more youthful-looking you. Using a select serum customized for your skin condition, followed by a cold stone massage. Assures ease of stress, a rested looking face, and a reduction of tension headaches and puffy eyes for the ultimate re-energizing.
30 mins..........$65

ABS-olutely Toned Ab Wrap
Work toward that six-pack you have always wanted or preserve the one you have! Activate fat burning to reveal firm and toned muscles, while releasing fluids and toxins with this powerful and targeted slimming green coffee ab wrap.
45 mins..........$85

The real gentleman’s cure for rough, dry, and calloused hands. A careful masculine fingernail trim and treatment, and a special invigorating recovering deep tissue hand massage promote tension relief and renovated skin.
40 mins..........$65